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Is there a race called Kurds?

In order to evaluate the Kurds in the "Race" category, they must have an identity as Y-DNA. But such a thing is out of the question. When we ask them to prove it, we see that they make statements such as "Prove that your own DNA is Turkish first" and run away from the discussion with the perception that not only us, but all racial DNA is mixed. Already, there is no haplogroup that we will call "kurdish" in the Y-DNA found in the Middle East. But the fact that they do not have their own unique racial genetics does not mean that their origin is unclear. We come across another society that bears close to 90% similarity with the Kurds in the Balochistan region of the Indian geography. This community is Indian and consists of 16. now that nothing has been found about the Kurds before the century, the Kurds are becoming a society based on the Balochs by origin. Considering that it was settled in the Middle East during the reign of Yavuz Sultan Selim Khan, the &q

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